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Homefield Homebuyers has worked with Twin Cities real estate agents for more than 10 years to help them serve their clients, and we want to partner with you to help your clients!  

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Partner with Us to Help Your Clients Sell Their Homes Fast

If your client has a property that has deferred maintenance, extreme clutter, requires major repairs, is currently occupied with problem tenants, is in foreclosure, or needs to sell on a short timeline, call the team at Homefield Homebuyers and get a cash offer on the property within 48 hours.

You can even represent us as the buyer to take both sides of the commission.

How it Works


Fill out this form to answer a few questions about the property.

A team member will get back to you and schedule an appointment to see the property.

Your client will receive a cash offer within 48 hours or we’ll pay them $100.

Close in as little as two weeks.

Realtor Testimonials

As a realtor, I have represented Homefield Homebuyers in the purchase of numerous homes.  In each case, the sellers have been happy with the ease of the process and with the money made from the transaction.  I bring the Homefield Homebuyers team every deal I find that fits their business model.  Jesse, Curt, Willie and the rest of the team act with integrity and get the job done.  Can’t wait to work with them again and again.

- Heather W. -

I am a professional Realtor and have had the opportunity to work with Homefield Homebuyers in a number of different capacities.  They are knowledgeable, easy to work with and fair.  They are true to their word and do an excellent job of setting and managing expectations.  I cannot recommend them enough.

- Nick H. -


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