At Homefield Homebuyers, we have helped countless Twin City home sellers move on to the next phase in their lives.

Whether it’s helping someone escape foreclosure or helping them sell a home after a loved one has passed away, we pride ourselves on providing transparent, flexible, and fair solutions to those in need.  But don’t take our word for it….take a look at what people have to say about our team at Homefield Homebuyers.



We worked with Joe and Willie from Homefield Homebuyers and we were very happy with the results.

They came out and looked at the property and gave us a reasonable offer the same day. It was easy working with them, they answered all our questions and we closed in two weeks. Working with these guys made you feel like a hand shake is worth something. They stick to there word and there quick to respond. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quick as is sale. Also the title company they use for the closing made it very easy. Thanks for your help.


“The team at Homefield Homebuyer are fantastic folks to work with.”

Made my sale from start to finish complete in less than a months time. They are professionals in what they offer, say they are going to do from start to closing. It was a joy to work with them.

Cheryl, Saint Louis Park

“Working with Homefield Homebuyers opened up purchasing opportunities we could not have otherwise accessed.”

We contactedHomefield Homebuyersto explore options for selling our home as-is. Tom and Willie took the time to explain the process and answer all of our questions. They were attentive, flexible, and helpful every step of the way. Working with Homefield Homebuyers opened up purchasing opportunities we could not have otherwise accessed. Our family is now in a much better housing situation, and we are grateful every single day! Thanks, Willie and Tom!

Karen Deane Johnson

“Willie and Joe worked with us, after our mother died, to buy our family home of over fifty years.”

They were always sensitive and respectful that it was a difficult time for us. They were responsive and transparent in answering our questions. I highly recommend them.
Thank you Willie and Joe!

Maria M. – Realtor

“When I first got a call from Willie, I wasn’t sure how he would be able to help my customer, as she was going through a divorce and about to lose her house to foreclosure”

The house had been listed with me as the agent representing the seller in the past. After he explained to me the process, my client was very happy to know that she would be able to sell the house and receive money at closing.  The closing was one of the easiest transactions I have experienced, my client left with her check and was able to pay off her debt. Tom and Willie were honest and helpful through the process. I would highly recommend them to my clients, family and friends.

Gracias por toda su ayuda!!

Ricky J.

“Joe and Willie, thank you for your assistance in selling my sisters property.”

From the beginning of the process the both of you were not only helpful but consistent in your word. I found it not only easy but pleasurable in working with your organization. I would highly recommend your company for anyone who needs to sell their home quickly and easily. Trustworthy and Easy would be the title of my experience with your company. Thanks again.

Wade E.

“I would recommend Jesse and his team to anyone looking to sell a property quickly with as little effort as possible.”

Homefield Homebuyers made the process of selling my father’s estate very fast and simple.  From scheduling the initial visit and bid, to final paperwork, they were courteous and easy to work with.  Without question I would recommend Jesse and his team to anyone looking to sell a property quickly with as little effort as possible.


Chris N. (agent)

“I have been working with Tom, Jesse, Curt and Willie for the past several years.”

I have nothing but great things to say about them. They are fast, effective, caring, empathetic, transparent and make the selling process easy and stress free. They always close on time and can be flexible to the home sellers needs and wants. If you are looking to sell your home quick and in a “As-is” condition, these are the only guys I would call!


Tony O.

“The Homefield Team is the Best”

Tom and his team responded quickly to all my questions and concerns. At a time of hardship they were the light at the end of the tunnel. Hand holding me through the process with diligence and kind consideration. Making the process painless and rewarding.


Bill G.

“I was very satisfied with my experience, and I would recommend others in my situation to work with Homefield Home Buyers”

I had been paying the mortgage diligently on my property for almost 10 years when I encountered health problems that caused me to go into foreclosure.  At the time, I thought I would lose the property, and the almost $100,000 of equity I had in it.  It wasn’t until a few months after the Sheriff’s sale that I met Tom and his nephew Willie with Homefield Homebuyers, who informed me that there was a way to sell my house and realize the equity I had accrued.  They were honest and transparent throughout the whole process, always keeping me informed along the way, making several trips to my home to answer questions whenever I had them.  They even gave me an advance on the payment I was owed before the property closed to help with another issue.   If anyone is looking for a fair deal, and good people go to Homefield Home Buyers.  

Thank you for all your help.


Carrie R. (Roseville, MN)

“I am very pleased with the results from Homefield Home Buyers.”

They were upfront, honest and handled everything in a timely manner. I highly recommend them.

If you are looking for someone with integrity- there is nobody better. Thanks, guys! Keep up the good work.


Sharon O. (Saint Anthony, MN)

“Willie and Tom are the best in the business for your foreclosure situation.”

They contacted us after we had given up on our property due to the loss of our business and a terminal cancer diagnosis. The foreclosure on our home was the last hard road we faced in a long series of personal problems. They both are genuinely honest, sincere, kind people who treat you with more dignity and respect than anyone that I have met in the business. They talk to you like a person and not just a “client”. They work hard to make things fair and they are honest about what is realistic for everyone.They understand foreclosures and they will respect your situation with all of its difficulties that you face in foreclosure. They give true and accurate advice and are 100 percent trustworthy. Many other realtors contacted us but we trusted Willie and Tom and are so relieved that we stuck with them throughout our situation. They gave us a fair price for our property and in spite of the incredibly painful process for me personally, I am relieved to know that the property is in ownership with the best hands possible.I highly recommend Willie and Tom if you are in a foreclosure situation! They are professional and safe to work with and because of this they are the only company that I trusted during this incredibly hard time.



“Losing my home was one of the most difficult things I have dealt with.”

It was devastating for me, as well as for my children. I tried for a few years to sell during a down market but in the end, I could no longer make the payments. Foreclosure was my only option. Working with Tom, introduced me to options I did not even realize were available. He was knowledgeable, kind and professional. Our transaction was simple and legal. I would strongly recommend working with him.


Thupten K. (Shakopee, MN)

“Tom Wolfe is a great guy to work with.”

When you are going through tough times with foreclosures of a home. My experience with Tom is all positive. Very considerate, works at your choice of time to vacate, no frequent calls to bother and keeps his word on agreements.


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