Past Projects

At Homefield Homebuyers, we know that your home may contain years of memories and stories from your time there.  We know it can often be very hard to let go of these memories and move on to the next phase of your life. 

In our years of experience, we have found that homeowners had a much easier time selling their home knowing that it would be turned into a place that the next family will enjoy for years to come.  We have completed 100s of home renovations over the years!

Many of the homes we remodeled were either outdated, had deferred maintenance, and were full of stuff that no one wanted anymore, or a combination of all three! 

Here are just a few examples of how Homefield Homebuyers has transformed other homes of people just like you!

North Suburban Single-Family Home

We purchased this home in a northern Twin Cities suburb from a homeowner that was looking to move on after her husband passed away.  We tried to make this transaction as stress-free and simple as possible for the homeowner.

Urban Single-Family Home

We purchased this property located in the Twin Cities metro area from the homeowner to help them avoid losing their home to foreclosure.  Our ability to complete a fast and easy closing allowed the owner to make a fresh start and for us to put a fresh look on an old house. 

Northwest Suburban Single-Family Home

The homeowner was facing foreclosure of their home located north of Minneapolis.  Homefield Homebuyers was able to step in and provide the owner a fair price for the property in as-is condition – allowing them to leave significant unwanted items behind and start a fresh chapter in their lives.

Downtown High-End Condo

We worked with the owner and the association of this downtown condo to create a solution to remedy the homeowner’s foreclosure and past due association balance. 

South Suburban Townhome

Homefield Homebuyers obtained this townhome located south of St. Paul through the foreclosure process.  It was a hoarder house left vacant for a significant period of time. 

Rural Single-Family Home

Homefield Homebuyers purchased this property located northwest of the Twin Cities during the foreclosure process.  The property had set vacant for many years and also had years of neglect and deferred maintenance. 

Southwest Suburban Townhome

A real estate agent came to us with a problem.  An out-of-state homeowner was having no luck trying to sell a rental property in the southwest suburbs of Minneapolis-St. Paul where they had placed long-term renters. 

North Metro Single-Family Home

We acquired this property from a real estate agent as part of an estate liquidation.  The real estate agent and family’s attorney were looking for a creative approach to sell multiple properties in the estate in one fast and easy transaction to reduce the stress on the family. 

North Suburban Townhome

Homefield Homebuyers acquired this partially finished townhome in the northern Twin City suburbs.  The homeowner had attempted to remodel the property themselves, but ran into significant roadblocks with construction, financing, and completion.  

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