A Homeowner's Checklist to Selling Your House for Cash

Are you looking to sell your home for a quick cash offer? Before you dive in and start accepting the first offers you receive, there are numerous factors to consider if you want to maximize the amount you recoup once you sell your home. 

If you jump in too soon, you not only risk losing large chunks of money, but it can lead to stressful legal situations and headache-inducing paperwork down the track. This blog explains everything you need to know about selling your home fast for cash through a "we buy houses fast in Minneapolis" seller.

Sell Your House Fast in Minneapolis Checklist

There are several things you can look for or avoid to make sure your cash sale is seamless and painless. We've pulled together a few crucial items here for you!

Conduct Your Own Home Valuation

Instead of relying solely on one valuation, ensure you receive valuations from at least three different estate agents. Doing this gives you the confidence to know the fair market value of your home, as well as assess and compare cash offers you receive from cash home buyers in real-time. 

You should never rely solely on just a quick sale valuation offer from a cash home buyer. Pensive Caucasian young male worker sit on sofa at home work on laptop consider read post paper documents

Shop Around

Another critical consideration is exploring all potential options in the cash offer space. Only going to one company for an opinion might lead to missing out on more cash value than you realize. 

To be safe, shop around and find a quick sale broker you are comfortable working with and trust not to misrepresent your home during the sale. Most quick-sale companies will differ significantly in their processes and the benefits they offer. 

Conduct thorough research to discover what various companies can do for you so you will not miss out on a good deal. Not all cash offers are created equal. 

Don't Be Shy

When you get a quote, being shy and timid won't get you anywhere. You never want to accept the first pass assuming that it must be a fair market value for your property; you'll never maximize your quick sell value this way. On the other hand, not negotiating means you'll miss out on a massive opportunity. 

Never accept the first offer, and always give a counteroffer. Many people don't do this, but a lack of confidence holds them back. Always try and negotiate a better price. The worst that can happen is they say no, but often you'll find you get a significantly better offer after a couple of rounds of negotiation. 

Get Everything In Writing

Pay attention to the importance of getting things in writing. Ignoring this can cause all sorts of issues later on. Ask sellers to email you a copy of any details, the exact cash offers, and ancillary documentation that can help should the company change its offer. 

Take Your Time

Taking your time to reach a decision is vital. We're talking about considerable sums of money, so making rash decisions without careful consideration is a surefire way to lose money.

Always take your time to reach a decision and consult with your partner. If you feel pressured into deciding on a company, consider this a red flag; most cash-buyer companies would never do this. 

Read The Agreement Carefully

Never sign an agreement unless you fully understand the ins and outs of what you agree to. Again, take your time, don't rush, and consult your legal advisor to clear things up if necessary. 

As with anything important, the age-old "read the small print" advice has never been more critical when selling your home for cash. Real estate brokerage agent Hand over the sample house and key Offered for sale

Avoid Long Tie Ins

One thing to always avoid is lengthy tie-ins. Never sign up or accept a sale offer that ties you to the quick sale company for an extended period. Typically estate agent contracts last 8-12 weeks, so use this as a gauge. Quick sale contracts should always be shorter. 

Be Honest

Always be honest when dealing with quick-sell companies to avoid hold-ups, complications, and legal frustrations. Giving misinformation or leaving out critical details can lead to a reduction in the price you offered initially. In addition, misleading details can result in fines and legal headaches down the track, not to mention endless paperwork. 

Ask To See The Survey

If you receive an offer lower than expected or the quick sale company suddenly lowers its offer. Always ask why and if the change in the offer is due to survey results, ask to see the survey. A fair, reputable quick sale business will never hide the survey from you. 

Don't Commit Too Early

Taking your time to reach an important decision is crucial, so never commit too early to an agreement. Only after you've explored all of your options and taken the necessary legal checks should you get a final offer. Never before. 


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