A Guide to Selling a Condemned House in Minneapolis

If you have a condemned house in Minneapolis, you might be wondering what to do next. Of course, your goal to "sell a house fast in Minneapolis" may seem impossible due to its condemned status. However, even if you've already moved out of the condemned property, it can still be a burden to have it around and can be a property you want to offload fast.

When you are still making payments on it, you definitely want to get out from under those and try to recoup your losses. For example, you may have inherited the house from a family member but found out that it was condemned only after the transaction. In addition, as long as you keep the home, you'll have insurance, taxes, utilities, and other upkeep expenses. 

Overall, it's just not worth it if the property is condemned. So, you might wonder if there's a stress-free way to offload the house for fast cash. Let's take a look.

What is a Condemned House?

You might see a house in bad shape or requiring extensive repairs. However, that doesn't automatically make it a condemned property. Instead, a local government entity must decide to condemn the property based on its condition.

When the local government condemns the property, you must vacate the home if you currently live there, as it is unsafe to inhabit.

Why Can a House Be Condemned?

Your local municipality can condemn a house for various reasons. In addition, city laws may differ from place to place. So, you may need to research the protocol for your neighborhood. Notice sign posted on a condemned house door

However, here is a list of some of the reasons a house can get condemned:

  • Faulty infrastructure

  • Sizeable structural damage due to severe weather or natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.)

  • Extensive fire or water damage, making it uninhabitable

  • Black mold or other unsanitary living conditions

  • Termite damage

  • Other unsafe conditions

Condemning a house may seem like punitive action from local authorities. However, in most cases, this classification protects you and others from unsafe homes. 

Can You Sell a Condemned House?

You can sell a house that is condemned, even though you can't live in it yourself.

However, there are some stipulations regarding the sale. For example, homeowners can't list a condemned property as a livable home. Instead, you must list it as condemned, so the buyer knows it is unlivable.

In some cases, real estate investors in the Twin Cities area are the best people to work with when you need to "sell house fast Minneapolis." They may buy a house for the location and the land, then rebuild and renovate it, only to sell it again. Another option is to attempt to reverse the condemnation by completing all the repairs to the home as-is and turning it into a rental property.

However, selling a condemned house is not as easy as you think. Most potential buyers will not want an uninhabitable property with repairs required. That's why it's best to work with a company that deals with these properties regularly.

Complications When Selling a Condemned House

Other complications come with trying to sell a condemned house in Minneapolis. Because of the unique circumstances that fall outside of the normal home sale process, you may have to move out in a short amount of time if you still reside in the house. In dire cases, the government may require that the occupants leave the house fast, especially if safety is at risk.

Once you leave, you're under pressure to either bring it up to code where repairs are needed or sell it because of the safety violations. Sometimes, the city can deem the property hazardous, immediately schedule it for demolition and send you the bill, which costs more on top of repair costs you may have already incurred.

Homefield Homebuyers knows that all of these scenarios can be stressful. Therefore, selling the house fast to a cash buyer is often the best solution to get a condemned house off your hands.

Who Will Buy a Condemned House?

Maybe you've seen ads that read something like, "we buy houses cash Minneapolis." You may wonder if this is really true and who would buy your house for cash in a hurry.American dollar, cash or housing

Homefield Homebuyers will purchase condemned properties as-is with a real cash offer, and we will buy them for cash now! So you can sell fast for cash at a fair price without the hassles of listing, posting, and showing the home when you work with our team. 

Some of the benefits of working with Homefield Homebuyers are:

  • You won't need to show your house to a bunch of people.

  • You can close on the date you select (no waiting period).

  • You don't have to pay closing costs.

  • You don't have to pay the appraisal fee.

  • You don't have to move out what you don't want (just take what you need and leave the rest to Homefield Homebuyers).

  • There are no inspections.

  • No banks are involved (you get paid cash).

  • No commission fee.

With our team of cash home buyers, selling a condemned home doesn't have to be a burden or financial strain for homeowners!

Can You Sell a Condemned House to Homefield Homebuyers? Yes!

Get in touch with Homefield Homebuyers in the Twin Cities area and get a fair cash offer for your condemned home to "sell my house fast." We take all the headaches away from the process to deliver a fair offer to pay cash, even if your home is in poor condition. Right now, we'll deliver an offer within 48hrs or pay you $100!

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