Six Benefits of Selling Your Home to Twin Cities Home Buyers

Published November 7, 2022. Updated October 30, 2023.

There are many reasons why you might want to sell your home. You could be moving to a different state for work or to be nearer loved ones. You could be upscaling or downscaling. Or maybe your home is just getting the better of you in terms of maintenance, and you want a fresh new start. 

If you are in a hurry to see this process finalized or don't want to deal with all the hassles associated with selling your home through a real estate agent, you might be considering selling your home to a locally owned home-buying company. Here are six benefits of selling your home to a cash buyer!

1. A Much Quicker Sales Process

Are you in a hurry to sell your home because of a divorce, medical emergency, relocation, or foreclosure? When you sell your home through a house-buying company, you can usually close the deal in less than seven days. 

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To sell your Minneapolis home swiftly and efficiently, the best cash home buyers in the area offer a seamless solution that eliminates the usual time-consuming formalities. If you're looking to "sell your house fast, Twin Cities," cash buyers are your go-to choice. With a fair cash offer on the table, you can expect a speedy and equitable deal, sparing you from the typical delays associated with traditional sales.

One of the significant advantages of working with companies that buy houses for cash is that you won't have to endure the waiting game for potential buyers to secure financing approval. This means you can bypass the uncertainties and potential setbacks often accompanying traditional sales.

By choosing a cash buyer, you can achieve a quick and hassle-free sale, ensuring a smooth transition as you move on to your next chapter.

2. No Steep Agent Fees

Real estate agents spend plenty of time and expertise helping you to sell your Minneapolis home. In return, they ask for a commission on the final selling price. 

While opting for cash-buying companies could mean you might not sell the house for as high as you could when selling through traditional real estate agents, you can save the difference by not paying a commission to an agent.

With local buyers like Homefield Homebuyers, there are no middlemen, no unnecessary costs, and no commission fees. We also pay closing costs.

3. Save Thousands in Renovations

Homes age much like people do. Keeping your house in good condition and current style requires time and money.

If you haven't been able to keep up with property maintenance or much-needed updates to keep your home current, don't worry. You can sell your house as it stands. 

Cash "buy houses companies" are prepared to buy your house in its existing condition. There's no need to spend thousands of dollars on remodeling that kitchen you are never going to cook in again. 

4. Cash is King

If you are selling your home through a property selling website or being represented by a real estate agent, it is highly unlikely that you will see a cash offer. 

One of the processes that take the longest when going through the home-selling process is waiting for approval from banks for financing and negotiating offers. However, working through a "we buy houses cash Minneapolis" company means you get a cash offer and quick payment for your home. You'll have access to that money right away rather than waiting for financing to process. 

5. No Expensive Staging or Open Houses

When you start thinking about selling your Twin Cities home, those little issues that have been at the back of your mind for the past few months will suddenly become a much more urgent problem.

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Preparing your home for a successful sale usually requires several expensive and time-consuming processes, such as depersonalizing, decluttering, staging, researching the market, and renovating. Aside from the time involved in all these processes, there is also considerable cost.

Avoid the time and expense of preparing your house for showings when choosing a cash offer company to sell your house! They don't require any decluttering or updates. You also don't have to stage the home for sale with a cash home buyer.

6. Forget About Foreclosure Issues

You may find yourself between a rock and a hard place and no longer able to afford your mortgage payments. However, foreclosure leaves a financial stain on your records. 

With the quick turnaround time of home buyers in the Twin Cities, like Homefield Homebuyers, you can sell your house for cash quickly with the bonus of avoiding foreclosure on your records. Start fresh with a clean slate.

Homefield Homebuyers: We Buy Houses Cash Minneapolis

So, which cash buyers are right for your property's sale? There are several benefits of selling your home to a locally owned home-buying company. 

First and foremost, Homefield Homebuyers can make you a cash offer within 24 hours of seeing your property and close in as little as a week. There is no need to hire a realtor, photographer, or staging professional or spend time and money getting your house ready to sell.

Whether your house has deferred maintenance, unfinished projects, or is full of things you no longer need, we want to help you move to the next stage in your life as quickly and easily as possible. Working with our team means you can take what is essential to you, and we will take care of the rest! We will even help you move your belongings to your next home.

Homefield Homebuyers cuts out the middleman and the extensive paperwork that usually accompanies a home sale. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you sell your home with a fair and fast offer. 

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