Why Local Homefield Homebuyers Are the Best Minneapolis Cash Buyers

You've probably seen a lot of "we buy houses for cash" advertising in the past. However, if you've noticed the trend lately, many of the larger real estate companies are doing away with that service. 

Companies like Opendoor, Redfin, and Zillow are shutting down their iBuyer business segments because home prices are starting to fall again, and most cash-buyer companies aren't pulling in enough profit. So what happens if you still want to sell your home quickly and efficiently for a cash offer? Fortunately, you have options by thinking local when searching for cash buyers. 

Here's why Homefield Homebuyers as a company is the best locally-owned and operated Minneapolis cash home buyers.


Workforce Reductions Are Bad for Minneapolis (But That's Not Us)

The big real estate companies initially invested in the iBuyer market to maximize profits when home prices soared all over the country. Then, as soon as the market started to cool a little, profits declined. 

Now that the iBuyer segments of the big companies are declining, more people are out of jobs in an already uncertain workforce. A reduced number of available job positions can cause people to move and need to sell their houses, but the cooling market and lack of listed inventory compound the problem.Red real estate sign near house outdoors on sunny day

That can cause issues for anyone who planned to sell their home to cash home buyers from a big, household-name company—but it doesn't have to. Choosing local companies in the Minneapolis area instead of big-name companies means you still have a resource even when other companies are closing down and moving out of the area. 

You'll find prompt service, quality information, and trusted professionals from local cash buyers because these companies care about the communities they live and work in and want to keep those areas strong.


The Right Local Company Delivers a Fast and Fair Cash Offer

When you pick a local company, you can reach out to cash home buyers who know the area, understand the pricing trends, and have some stake in keeping their community in good shape. While these companies still need to make a profit to stay in business, they also understand that everyone in the local area is in this together. 

Because local companies care about the community that supports them, they're much more likely to work with sellers on the price and terms when they buy a house for cash. Purchasing homes in the communities they love and care about is much more personal and is demonstrated through the treatment you receive as a seller. This might also guarantee you an offer of fair market value because of their local real estate market knowledge. 

You can close quickly and save money with a local company, and you have someone who lives and works in the local areas to reach out to if you have questions. That's a big relief for many sellers working their way through the process. 

Another huge benefit of choosing a local company like Homefield Homebuyers is that the process is more transparent. They may live in your neighborhood, and you might even see them at the grocery store. There's a sense of community and consideration for others that you're just not going to find with a big company that's only looking to profit from areas where prices are high.


Homefield Homebuyers Supports the Minneapolis Community

At Homefield Homebuyers, we're all from the Twin Cities area and committed to the community around us. We buy houses for cash, and we understand and appreciate making a deal that's fair to us and fair to you as the seller, too. Group of young happy friends having pic-nic outdoors

By working with a local cash buyer like Homefield Homebuyers, you're interacting with a team who knows the area, understands your goals, and isn't solely looking to make a big profit wherever they can. Instead, our team is committed to improving and protecting the local area, and that includes being fair and kind to the people who live there.

Get in touch with us today to find out how much cash you can get for your home. We're quick, efficient, and fair! We will get an offer to you in 48 hours or send you $100. Let us buy your home today.

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